The first step is to choose products that are suitable to be used with acne. They should not block pores and should be water-based if you want to avoid irritating your skin. Oil formulations are to rich and will cause problems. Look for the words “noncomedeginic” to ensure that the product will not block your skin’s pores. Look for a foundation with a built in SPF factor to help save you time and minimize the amount of things being put on your skin.

Get started with a primer. This provides a base for the other makeup, helps too correct skin tone and minimize spots and helps keep makeup in place all day. With all layers, be sure to apply as thinly as possible. Blend gently being careful not to rub or drag the skin as this can spread the infection and aggravate the acne. If you have very red skin, look for a primer with green undertones – green will neutralize the red tones making your colour more even. Apply primer only where needed to even out skin. You can then apply a concealer over areas that still look a little red. If you have undereye circles, dot on some concealer and blend in.

Allow to set for a few minutes and then put on your foundation. You want a foundation that is more opaque – sheer coverage won’t cut it. Once again, apply carefully and only in the areas it needed. Be sure to blend in well, especially at the jawline. If you have chosen the right color, it will blend in quite seamlessly. If the color is wrong, there will be a marked “tideline” visible at the jawline. Get a color as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Visit for more info.

You may then, if you want to brush on a light layer of face powder. Choose a sheer face powder in order to set the foundation and apply only as necessary. Brush off any excess or it could look dated.

NOw is the time to put a little color into your skin. Use a powder blush or a bronzing powder. A sun-kissed, bronze effect looks more natural and keeps you looking healthy.Bronzing powders suit everyone.

The place to really play around with your look is one your eyes. Go wild with bright eyeshadow or bold eyeliner. Add lashings of mascara and your eyes will draw all the focus. The key to pulling off this look is to focus on the eyes and then to downplay the lips – going bold with both looks dated and is reminiscent of a bad eighties movie. Apply a muted lip colour and get ready to wow.